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You are AbleAs a two-time World Champion and the head coach of the US National Power Soccer team while living with quadriplegia, Chris can help your team or organization create a culture of You Are Able®, a movement that fosters hope, belief, inspiration and success in yourself and others. Such a success culture creates a ripple effect, not only driving individuals, but ultimately driving the success of your whole team or organization.

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Motivational Presentations

As an in-demand empowerment speaker, Chris uses his powerful journey and impactful movement to help teams and organizations create a culture of hope, belief and success. Chris will reveal how to turn obstacles into opportunities, ultimately achieving your goals.

Chris Finn’s Motivational Presentations

Success Coaching

On the court, Chris took his players from being ranked near last place to finishing as world champions! Drawing on the same principles, Chris is the ultimate success coach off the court, as well, empowering individuals and groups to reach world champion results.

Chris Finn’s Success Coaching

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