Bring Chris Finn in to Start His Inspiring You Are Able® Movement within Your Team or Organization!

Empower Your Audience to Hope, Believe and Achieve

As an in-demand empowerment speaker, Chris can use his powerful journey and impactful You Are Able® movement to help your team or organization hope, believe and achieve. Drawing from his own achievements as a two-time World Champion while living with quadriplegia, Chris’s motivational presentations reveal the powerful secrets to overcoming any obstacles you encounter.

Chris is adept at helping to create cultures of support that foster hope, belief, inspiration and success. Such a culture creates a ripple effect, not only driving individuals, but ultimately driving the success of your whole team or organization.

Speaking Presentations

Chris’ speaking presentations are customized for general sessions, breakout sessions or full-day programs. He also offers follow-up coaching opportunities for individuals, teams and organizations.

You Are Able® to Lead in Times of Change

Get in the game! After leading his players from being ranked near last place to becoming two-time World Champions, Chris is the ultimate leadership speaker. He’ll reveal principles that will empower future leaders to support your mission and achieve success in times of change.

You Are Able® to Develop a Powerful Team

As the head coach of the U.S. Power Soccer team, Chris knows firsthand what it takes to create a unified team—the key to getting to the top. He’ll expertly guide your employees or players to form a cohesive unit that’s capable of achieving world champion results!

You Are Able® to Overcome Obstacles

Block the shots that are being taken against you! As a two-time World Champion who was able to achieve his childhood dreams while living with quadriplegia, Chris will help you to stop playing defense and turn the obstacles into opportunities, putting you on the offense side of the field scoring goals.

You Are Able® to Create Positive Perspective

Have you missed a tackle? Lost a game in the tournament? Kicked the ball in the wrong direction? No more sulking about what might have been! Chris helps teams and organizations to gain positive perspective when the plays just aren’t going your way.



Chris Finn is a person with tremendous spirit and he possesses a unique ability to connect with the world around him. His story of overcoming enormous personal adversity as a young man, and going on to lead a world championship team is truly inspiring. Every person can benefit by remembering that the challenges each of us faces, pales in comparison to what we can accomplish with a positive attitude, fierce determination and an unwavering belief in themselves. Chris successfully delivered this exact message while addressing our team, at an annual meeting earlier this year. We strongly recommend that he speaks at your next event.

Paul Bergantino, President and CEO
ATG Rehab

I had the honor of hearing Chris speak in 2006 and couldn’t wait to bring him to our Electrolux Sales Convention as our motivational, keynote speaker. The entire sales force was blown away by his story and was inspired by his message. If you are looking for someone to motivate a group, Chris is your guy!!!

John Chase
Former President of Electrolux

I was overwhelmed by Chris’s remarkable communications abilities. Because I have been involved in higher education for over 30 years I have seen numerous speakers in a wide variety of settings, and Chris connected with his listeners and moved us in ways that I have never witnessed before. Indeed, after hearing about Chris’s experiences and feeling his optimism and humor about all the uncertainty and challenges in life, it was not difficult to think anew about the future and to appreciate all our world has to offer. Never have I seen a more energized group of people emerge from an interaction with a “speaker.”

Joe Gow
Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin

Chris is inspirational, motivational, passionate and he spoke from his heart. He has an ability when he speaks to really take you on a journey with him. We felt like we were right there with him and totally engaged so much so that all of us were there waiting, ready for more at the end.

Michelle Fonseca
Director of Leadership Training at Rapport Leadership International

Partial Client List

Partial clients

  • ATG Rehab
  • City of Oakland
  • Electrolux
  • Interact Student Leadership Retreat
  • Lions District Gov. Conference
  • Rapport Leadership International
  • R&D Hotel Management Co.
  • Rotary International Convention
  • Rotary District Gov. Conference
  • San Leandro Middle School
  • St. Mark’s Elementary School
  • Toastmasters
  • University of Wisconsin
  • Veterans Administration


To empower your audience to hope, believe and achieve, contact empowerment speaker Chris Finn directly at (510) 394-4566.